Friday, January 18, 2013


Back in 2007 I was at the NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I had a shiny new Flipcam, and I was looking for unusual video to shoot. I thought it would be cool to get video of the balloon release.

28,000 balloons were blown up, stashed under a tent, just waiting for their moment in the sun.

Here's the video:

Flash forward to 2013, I get an email from a band from The Netherlands known as "Dion and the Magic Chords". They wanted to know if they could use the clip in a music video. A MUSIC VIDEO! Wow!

I gave them my permission and they ran with it. Initially I though they would just use a few seconds of the clip. It is featured quite prominently in the last minute of their video which you can see here:

A German ad agency wants to use that same clip in a commercial, and actually pay me for it. If they use it, I'll let you know.

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Homestead Annie said...

i simply love the video footage of the balloons. well done, tom.